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Enjoy Sherran’s company while learning how to have more fun, make more money and have more time off!’  Sherran has sat where you’re sitting and sympathize with the challenges facing dental teams.  She is on your side and will help make your job easier!

Here’s a list of what she won’t do:

  1. Snoop around looking for things that are wrong.
  2. Make you feel guilty for something you aren’t doing.
  3. Make a long ‘to do’ list of busy work.
  4. Criticize and make you feel guilty.
  5. Expect you to work harder for less pay.

As Owner and CEO of Dental Practice by Design, Sherran Bard has 30+ years experience in dentistry that include managing a $2 million practice. As part of the very “hands-on” training, she spends a lot of time in dental offices teaching advanced techniques in scheduling via a reservation system, financial arrangements and verbal skills.

Their job is to make the jobs of a dental team easier, more fun and profitable...and to laugh a lot!

“We have the pleasure of making friends all over the country, but the best part is watching the patients become big fans of a practice. Our favorite thing will always be watching doctors and their teams enjoy the awesome financial results of this very unique approach and the fun they have at all our seminars! I have been through a lot of consulting programs personally and nothing compares in making very happy patients…and very happy teams.”

Sherran’s and Shelly’s expertise can be shared and enjoyed personally with a private seminar in your office to address the following:

  • Hygiene & recall systems: Stop No-Shows & Cancellations! Create more value!
  • Get rid of Communication “no-no’s”: That scare your patients to death! (We guarantee they’re on your New patient information sheet RIGHT NOW!)
  • Case Acceptance: Learn what your patients are really thinking! Without this, you’re lost!
  • Financial Arrangements: $$$$ is usually the biggest objection! What’s the best way to approach this delicate situation! Proven methods that patients love!
  • Why “Case Presentation” is the wrong approach!: Learn the 5 biggest mistakes all offices make.
  • Telephone Magic: “What marketing message are you sending to your patients?” (New & Existing)
  • Are you missing the Big Picture?

All this in one power-packed day filled with secrets and insights you dream about, along with having a great time. As Sherran shares the simple systems with you…

  • You will decrease your accounts receivable.
  • You will increase your over-the-counter collections.
  • Your schedule will result in higher productivity.
  • You will be on time for your appointments more regularly.
  • Cancellations and ‘no shows’ will decrease.
  • You will be able to get more done in less time, more free time for you!
  • Your production will increase—without working harder.
  • You’ll love coming to work, even more!
Sherran Bard

Sherran Bard

Dental Success Specialist
(979) 255-2566

Shelly Burnett

Shelly Burnett

Customer Service Specialist
(979) 220-8089

It’s not about the teeth!
It’s about the life the teeth live in!