Financial Advising

Dental Practice by Design is very proud to announce Shelly Burnett as an addition to our Success Team. She will be available as a Financial Advisor for our Doctors and Teams. One of the goals we have for our company is to not only assist the practices we work with to make more money but also to personally work with the doctor and entire team to know what to do with the money. It has been a life long desire of Dental Practice by Design to educate practices and teams how not to live pay check to pay check.

Shelly's expertise is valuable to both the dentist and his team members. Changing lives by helping doctors and teams see the options to invest and save for their future is a benefit of becoming a client. Shelly will meet privately with you to discuss your options.

Are you worried or stressed about money?

Do you run out of money before your next paycheck?

Are you worried about getting out of debt?

Do you have a solid plan for reaching retirement?

Do you have an emergency fund?

Contact Shelly Burnett today to discover how her hands-on approach can help your dental practice go from chaos to calm and efficient. With her experience and comprehensive list of services, she truly knows how to help you create a Dental Practice By Design.