Sherran Bard makes your vision a reality

Customized dental practice management services

You have a vision for your dental practice. You know the lifestyle you want to live and where you want to live it. You know what you want. As your dental practice management consultant, Dental Practice by Design's Success Team assists you in your custom design. Our Success Team will speak with you in detail about your vision, your wants, and your needs, and help you create and maintain the dental practice of your dreams.

Sherran believes in not fixing what isn’t broken, you receive as many of Dental Practice by Design's services as you need to bring your custom practice design to fruition. Whether you just need a few tweaks or a complete practice makeover from top to bottom, Dental Practice by Design's Success Team knows that every dental practice is unique.

Sherran’s services include:

  • Creating your Image

    Does your practice represent the vision you had in mind? We work with you personally to create the image you desire for your practice, including your staff and building.


    Creating your Image
  • Designing Success Goals

    If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Let us help you create goals to reach your desired level of success. Writing down your goals and looking over them regularly increase your chances of success and helps focus your practice on what you want to accomplish, regardless of the market conditions.


    Designing Success Goals
  • Five Star Experience

    Let us help train your team to provide the most excellent customer service your patients have ever experienced. Five Star Service attracts better patients, more referrals, and more satisfied team.


    Five Star Experience
  • Scheduling for Success

    The schedule is the money map for your practice. We educate your staff to schedule procedures in order to meet the financial goals for your practice and maximize your most productive hours. There’s no need to go home exhausted and have no idea if you made a profit!


    Scheduling for Success
  • New Patient Experience

    You only get one chance to make a good first impression. We are committed to train your staff to create the best possible new patient experience based on your customer service expectations.


    New Patient Experience
  • Eliminate AR Forever

    The right approach toward AR makes all the difference in your practice finances. We have a proven method to maximize your income and eliminate large accounts receivable balances. Regular tracking and focus on production and collection helps reach your financial goals and keep you and your staff happier.


    Eliminate AR Forever
  • STOP No-shows

    Training your patients to honor their appointments is important to your practice success. We train your team to use the right scripts and customer services skills to eliminate no shows on your schedule.


    STOP No-shows
  • Telephone Skills

    One of the most important contacts with a patient is over the telephone. We work with your front desk and all of your team to improve their telephone skills to make patients feel welcomed and comfortable in choosing your practice for their dental needs.


    Telephone Skills
  • Team Motivation

    A motivated team provides better patient experiences, increased production, and eliminates turnover. We encourage your staff to reach their own goals for your practice, and work with them to maintain that motivation throughout the year.


    Team Motivation
  • Case Acceptance Skills

    Our proven method of presenting dentistry can help your practice reach its financial goals in less time with more satisfied patients. We help each member of your team know what to ask the patient, how to communicate better during the presentation, and how to increase case acceptance and sell more dentistry.


    Case Acceptance Skills
  • Ask Don't Tell Presentation

    Patients feel better about themselves when they like their smiles. We believe in focusing on what the patient wants in regard to their teeth, and using their own dreams or concerns to present solutions. This proven method results in fewer cancellations, more production, and more satisfied customers.


    Ask Don't Tell Presentation
  • Tracking Success

    We have proven that tracking your progress makes all the difference in your production. What you focus on grows! Tracking also provides insight into changes in your skills and marketing efforts.


    Tracking Success
  • Referrals are Key

    The easiest and most effective marketing is from satisfied customers sharing your office with their family and friends. Let us train your team to increase referrals and track those referrals to show where marketing dollars are best spent.


    Referrals are Key
  • Niche Practice

    You deserve to be doing the dentistry that you prefer to do, and not the dentistry that you dread! We help design your practice to be what you design it to be. If you don’t like what your practice has become, we can help you create a new vision and make the changes necessary to have a practice you can be proud of.


    Niche Practice
  • Branding

    Creating a brand for your practice is as important as brushing your teeth. We help create a brand that represents your vision for your business and your goals. From suggestions to improve your website to creating a more unified team, branding is essential in reaching your practice goals. We can help you achieve a brand that you can be proud of.



You can mix and match the services you need to design your perfect dental practice. Sherran works with companies including Smile Reminder and TNT Dental to help you best market your practice, making the process of bringing in business even easier. You tell Sherran what you want, and she makes it happen.

Contact Sherran Bard today to discover how her hands-on approach can help your dental practice go from chaos to calm and efficient. With her experience and comprehensive list of services, she truly knows how to help you create a Dental Practice By Design.