What people are saying about Sherran Bard and Dental Practice By Design

We want to thank you so much for all your advice and support through this transitional year! You have been very instrumental in this phase in our practice and our lives – we can’t thank you enough! I see so much more excitement and confidence in Chris which has been an added bonus for us both! We wish you many blessings in 2014 and we expect to keep in touch. We love you!!

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Coaching for our team been life changing!!!!! Sherran and Shelly are there to make you and your office successful. For some people it may take a little time to believe but just hang in there because it really works and they are your biggest supporters.

Lauren Caballero
Dr. Lori Logan's Office
Cypress, Texas


Thank you Sherran for getting us out of the forest and putting us on a successful path once again. You made the difference: our costs decreased, our profits increased, and we once again have a "Dream Team."

We have been very pleased with Sherran Bard, Dental Practice be Design. She has been our dental management coach, who was able to quickly identify our staff obstacles, evaluate the effectiveness of our verbal skills with patients, and improve the practice profitability. Because Sherran stays on top of her profession with current knowledge and her years of hands-on knowhow, she quickly identifies and fixes areas that need to run better.

Our goal has been for greater team cooperation, maximum patient retention and bottom line profitability. Through ichats and generous phone assistance Sherran works directly with the team, and behind the scenes. She created a more flexible practice model for us. We were overstaffed. She helped us utilize our team resources more efficiently, increasing our bottom line profits, and maintaining that "wow" experience for our patients. She took on a formidable task and made it look easy.

When one loves to do dentistry, a coach is needed to keep the practice healthy, on an even keel. Sherran has shown she has integrity, honesty, caring, insight, experience, and devotion to her clients. She has the skill and patience to assist the doctor in development of a "Dream Team," improving case acceptance, and through proven methods, achieving financial success, meanwhile, making dentistry fun. Without her help, we would not be attaining.

Again, thank you Sherran for turning our practice around for success. You are the best coach, our loyalty is to you for doing a great job.

Arthur G. Manzo, D.D.S.

I have known Sherran Bard for almost a decade. She has been in the dental “business” for a lot longer than that. When I met her, I had been in practice for over 20 years and knew I wanted more out of my practice, but didn’t know how to get there. I give her all the credit for taking me way past the next level. Her ability to communicate to my team and me the things necessary to achieve a “well-oiled” practice was amazing. Communication, leadership, business, sales, and people skills were taught to us in a very inspiring way that made us want to do what we needed to do.

I would highly recommend her to any dentist who was willing to learn and go forward in his/her practice. Bottom line: she knows dentistry and I’m a much happier dentist for having implemented her ideas!

Dr. Phil Davis, DDS
Temple, TX

I have had the privilege of working with Sherran in multiple dental offices, and she has been instrumental in helping the staff become more productive and efficient without compromising quality service and patient care. Sherran has effectively assisted in better communication with our patients, with each other, and in our personal lives. Without question, Sherran is the BEST in leading a team to SUCCESS!

Angie Letterman
Houston, TX

With her experience in private practice Sherran has ‘been there, done that” at the exceptional level doctors and teams dream of but seem to struggle finding all the steps to successfully complete the journey. She is candid yet kind and will provide honest assessments of the road blocks that are postponing your success. The best part of working with Sherran is that her counsel will positively impact both your professional life & your personal life.

Dr. Brad Dutton
San Pedro Dental Associates
San Antonio Texas

I have known Sherron Bard for the last 8 years. Since the time we met her, she has been nothing but wonderful! She is a confident, caring, woman who truly knows the dental field and has the knowledge to share with other so that they can excel at what they do. If anyone would like to talk to me in person, I would love to sing her praises to anyone who will listen!

Melissa Green
Temple, TX

"Sometimes in life one needs a safety net in order to have the courage to soar. I believe that God sent me that safety net in Sherran and Shelley with Dental Practice By Design.

"Although for most of my dental career I was able to be happy and moderately successful blindly moving through the business aspect of dentistry about 5 years ago my life changed drastically. My husband of 20 years had a massive stroke at age 42. Not only did this throw our life upside down, it threw my practice into a tail spin. God blessed us in so many ways, my husband fully recovered after a couple years of therapy but my practice did not. Add into that 5 years a battle with an unscrupulous contractor (practice remodel) and the death of my younger sister just a few months ago and what you get is a very crippled practice and a fragile doctor.

"I was literally ready to give up - I just wanted out from under the pressure, the pressure of not being able to pay the bills, make payroll, taxes, and just the stress of running a practice. After much prayer I truly believe God sent Sherran to me as my safety net.

"I was afraid to do anything, I did not know which way to turn, and everything I had tried just seemed to hurt the practice instead of help it. Dentists are really good at dentistry but can be very poor business owners. Fear can paralyze a person. I was there.

"When I hired Sherran and Shelly I not only got practice consultants who know what practice systems to look at, what staff issues needed tweaked and what numbers needed attention but I also got two genuine people who cared not only for my practice but also cared for me.

"They became my security - I felt like I could let go and just trust them to show me the way, follow their lead, and trust in the results. And results I got!! In just the first few months of consulting my practice did an about face, my numbers skyrocketed and my staff became fully engaged and so did their doctor.

"Their knowledge and experience is evident in the way they approach and individually customize a plan that will work for you, your practice, your goals and your dreams.

"I have a safety net that let me free myself from the grips of fear and soar. I no longer wish to sell my practice in fact I am more excited about dentistry than I have been in years. They are worth more than money to me - they changed my life."

Lisa Grimes, DDS

Northwest Dental Care, PC

Sherran and her team at Dental Practice By Design have been a phenomenal help to myself and my office. She has a wealth of knowledge and is familiar with the business of dentistry from multiple viewpoints having worked chairside as well as in the front office before working with some of the most renown consultants in the industry. I'm confident the insights she's brought to myself and my staff will make a lasting difference in how we meld together as a team and grow in the future. I highly recommend her team to anyone wanting a personal hands on approach to coaching.

Dr. Lara Perry

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