The BRIDGE Program

Training For Associate Dentists

The BRIDGE Program is designed exclusively for Associate Dentists only. An Associate needs the real world exposure and experience in selling dentistry. Fillings and basic care diagnosis will not get your school loans paid off very quickly. This program will get your Case Acceptance up quickly and with much less time and effort.

The definition of failure in this scenario is that the “associate” dentist leaves the practice because either his or her or the owner’s expectations were not achieved. These unsuccessful attempts at developing long-term, multi-doctor dental practices have been a continuing disappointment to the dental profession.

Granted, some practices with associate dentists are highly successful, but the fact remains, the successful practices are in the minority. Until recently the underlying reasons were often puzzling, but I believe with the right plan, they can succeed. Training!

We realize Dental School was so much fun you just wish you had stayed longer! Kidding of course. You must realize that most young graduates have little or no experience with Case Presentation or Acceptance. If you are hired by a Practice for a percentage of commission, usually in the 35% range, you must really burn some enamel to make a living seeing tons of patients. Continuing your education must include leadership and management training. Case Presentation and Case Acceptance also are not to be forgotten.

I applaud the fact that you can get on the job training on how to deal with live patient concerns and team members. That is only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to ownership and full responsibility. Why learn after you purchase a practice? Dental School does not train management and very little if any Case Presentation and Acceptance.

That is where Dental Practice by Design can assist you. As you are working as an associate dentist, you can continue to increase your opportunity for success by learning systems from us. We are very skilled in Image Training, Case Presentation and Case Acceptance, acquiring a Dream Team and eliminating the rest, and many other aspects of the eventual ownership of a practice.

Training is available onsite or via SKYPE for convenience. You can arrange training without time away from the practice or family. The choice is yours!

Doctors and Practice Owners,

If you have hired or plan to hire an Associate Dentist for your practice, insure their success and yours. Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico Practice management Consultants usually do not work with Associates. We do! Dental Associate Training is the first step to success in a Dental Career. Contact us today for a Complimentary Consultation.

Sherran Strong Bard
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