ASK, DON'T TELL Case Acceptance!

In my 30 plus years of dentistry, I have found one golden tool, Cosmetic Imaging. When the patient arrives, taking the photos I recommend with my Coaching program, takes about 3 minutes. With proper software, Patient Gallery, Smile Vision or what ever you have chosen, it takes less than 5 minutes to show the patient the smile of their dreams.

The most important conversation you will ever have with the patient is the first one. It is often the only one. Wonder why? You tried to tell them what they needed instead of asking the patient what they wanted. With proper training, your team will learn to take photos, present them to the patient, listen and collect the payment for the accepted treatment. Patients almost always choose more than we present! Believe me when I say I have proven over and over again that when a patient gets what they want, they happily pay for it. I have not looked at Xrays in more than 30 years. I am a Consultant and was a clinical person, not a Dentist. I am not supposed to diagnose, remember? Can I read Xrays? Of course. Does the dentist needs them, yes! Not to have Case Acceptance though!

Do not try to educate your patients into submission!

Recently I was interviewed by Larry Brooks of Smile Vision. Listen carefully to how easy it can be to close cases.

For information on what photos to take and the conversation to have with the patient, please call Dental Practice by Design.

"Case Acceptance is Easy, Case Presentation is Key, Conversations are Critical !"

So is Cosmetic Imaging!