Your dental practice…by design.



Have you taken your team to seminars, spending money on flights, hotels, and nice restaurants and taking time from your busy schedules, only to find that nothing about your dental practice changes?

This often happens because the person teaching the seminar knows nothing about your unique dental practice. You have a vision for your practice that is yours alone, and that’s why Sherran Bard developed a different model with Dental Practice By Design. Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico finally have an ONSITE Practice Management Consultant who enjoys visiting your practice personally.

Invite Sherran Bard to observe a day in the life of your dental practice. She will assist your team and determine their day-to-day challenges, all to help you create systems and solutions for greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. Case Acceptance is easier when the patients want to say , “Yes”.

Dental Practice by Design Services

  • Complete and reliable evaluation of your Practice
  • A team approach to training systems for efficiency
  • On Site, customized coaching with you and your entire team
  • Leadership training for the entire team
  • Case Acceptance Training for entire Team
  • Photos, Are you missing the Big Picture?
  • Close, Close, Close Training for team
  • The Fortune is in the FOLLOWUP training
  • Image is Everything Training
  • Marketing Evaluation
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly monitoring to make sure you are on the right track
  • Access to the entire Dental Practice by Design team
  • Monthly phone support as needed with your coach, by appointment
  • Monthly email support for Doctor and Team
  • Personnel advice or suggestions on request
  • Interview new team member - assistance on request
  • Telephone training and recorded calls
  • Vendor Discounts for clients
  • Resources available for Continued Education or Clinical Excellence

Sherran Strong Bard is especially equipped to understand the needs of your dental team and your practice with 30 plus years in the dental field as an assistant, Treatment Coordinator and Consultant!

Dental Practice by Design is helping clients experience record high Production and Collection in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Practices have celebrated lower overhead and fewer days in the practice. The average increase for 2013 is a $200,000 increase! Dental Practice by Design clients have worked 28 days less in 2013 while increasing their Production!

Dental Practice by Design offers personalized, affordable coaching.  Sherran and her team will train you and your team on practical systems. Dental Practice by Design's Coaching Team will address your most burning issues with an easy, logical result.

You will NEVER sign a contract! Our Contract is our personal Integrity. This is an opportunity to experience coaching à la carte. Experience coaching without stress on your practice or your team.

Ultimately, Dental Practice by Design wants you to love your work and enjoy your life! Your dream of the perfect practice is not lost; it’s caught up in chaos. Allow Dental Practice By Design to bring you out of the chaos and into a dental practice designed for you, by you, with a little help from our Team.

Meet the Dental Practice by Design Team! We have beautiful and skilled Consultants. Sherran personally chose this team so you may have the best of the best.

We invite doctors to request a personal consultation with Dental Practice by Design.


  • • Phil Davis, DDS. - Temple, TX
  • • Angie Letterman - Houston, TX
  • • Janis Summerlin, RDH - San Antonio, TX.
  • • Dr. Brad Dutton - San Antonio, TX


Dental Practice by Design ( Sherran and Shelly) has been instrumental in not only getting my practice on the right track, but allowing our entire dental team to grow astronomically in personal growth, professional growth, and overall team unity.  January of 2017 was a tough time.  A great employee quit unexpectedly and I remembered a little book I read ( Sherran's book).  I called her.  She quickly began her evaluation of my practice and helped me to find  not only the joy in the practice, but also the spots that needed work.  I love that the employee who quit was willing and able to come back and be a part of our now united team.  Sherran and Shelly are consistently available and easily accessible not only to me, but my team.  Their wisdom and years of experience in customer service, dental business, and employee training are just flat invaluable.  Our production , even with employee turnover/ turmoil the beginning of 2017 , went up $250,000 last year, and I have a much more stable and productive dental team to show for it.  They encourage me professionally and personally to be my best.

Quite frankly, I don't know where the office would have been without them.  I might have lost more employees.  I might have tossed in the towel.  It's never that everything is wrong.  Just some things.  And just those few things can make or break your practice.  If you've hesitated to call in a dental coach - Stop right now, take a deep breath and call Dental Practice by Design.  You will not regret it.  Then get ready for a ride of a lifetime, a transformation, a definite change for the better in your practice and personal life. The process seems daunting until you have a dental coach that really cares.  Sherran is not like other consulting groups that run numbers, make suggestions, and leave the office in turmoil.  She stays the course, helps you make the changes, and also speaks truth ( even when you don't want to hear it ).  It is life changing.  Thank you Sherran and Shelly - we are looking forward to 2018!

Dr. Karen Williamson D.D.S., P.A.
Rockwall, Texas



I first met Sherran Bard in one of my dental chairs, having come to my office for a cleaning and check up. She lives just down the street from my office and I think the location convenience was her biggest motivation. During out initial conversation, she told me she had worked in dentistry for years but had retired to pursue other interests. We quickly became friends while doing filing in one of her retained third molars. I liked her positive energy along with the fact that she complimented my treatment.

I found that her other interest was to use her vast dental experience to help dentists to become successful leaders in their communities. That was over 10 years ago and since, she added to her resume by working with several leaders in the dental consulting field. This has honed her techniques in the ability to teach Dentists and their Teams the dental knowledge she possesses. She now has developed her own company, Dental Practice by Design.

I have asked for her advice through the years to help me and my team become more effective at satisfying our patients and creating a fantastic environment to achieve this. I feel Sherran’s best quality is her honest concern for her dental clients and their teams, for her it’s not just their financial success but helping them as a person. This improves lives at work, home and in all aspects of life. Having been a dental team member in a highly successful office that worked minimal days a month, she understands the importance of the team. The Dentist cannot do it alone.

Sherran also has great communication techniques that she teaches teams in order to communicate not only with their patients but with each other or anyone for that matter. Her skills allow her to “hit the dentists between the eyes” letting them know that true leadership starts with improvement of the leader. She can do this with tact and without building defensive resentment. Dentists learn to get out of their own way for a highly successful dental business that is a fun and exciting place to work.

I have seen Sherran turn around the attitudes of some difficult teams and their leaders, one of these being my office. She developed a unique set of skills having been involved with top Dental Practices and some of the best Consultants in the world.

But, I’ll say it again, Sherran cares about everyone involved and will help any team member find and improve their GOD given talents even if it means changing their path.

William Neal Kruger, D.D.S.



We want to thank you so much for all your advice and support through this transitional year! You have been very instrumental in this phase in our practice and our lives – we can’t thank you enough! I see so much more excitement and confidence in Chris which has been an added bonus for us both! We wish you many blessings in 2016 and we expect to keep in touch. We love you!!

Contact Sherran Bard today to discover how her hands-on approach can help your dental practice go from chaos to calm and efficient. With her experience and comprehensive list of services, she truly knows how to help you create a Dental Practice By Design.